The 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships will be a featured live story on the social media platform, Snapchat!

This is exciting news for the figure skating world. Your photos and videos have the chance to be broadcasted to millions of Snapchat users around the world, putting figure skating on the global map!

Who: Athletes, fans and figure skating newcomers join together to create a story of photos and videos on Snapchat.

What: A Snapchat live story is a select collection of photos and videos taken at the event to show the world what is happening at that moment.

Where: TD Garden, Boston, MA

When: Saturday, April 2, 2016. This includes the pairs and ladies free skate competitions and practices.

Why: Figure skating is the greatest sport on the planet! Help us show how amazing and exciting figure skating can be.

How: Start by downloading the Snapchat app on your phone, then:

  • Log in or create an account.
  • Make sure “location services” is turned on.
  • Tap the circle at the bottom of your screen to take a photo, or press and hold to take a video.
  • To post, click the arrow at the bottom of the screen and on the next screen, choose to post to the “Ice Skating Champs” Story and then click the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen.

How can you test if your photo or video is on the live story?

  • Open the Snapchat app on your phone and click the three lines on the bottom-right side of your screen.
  • Under the “LIVE” section, click “Ice Skating Champs” and enjoy!
  • Your submissions may be posted there!
  • Good luck and have fun.


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