North Station T StopBoston is a beautiful city with lots to do and many things to see. But, getting to those places can sometimes be confusing and even exhausting if you haven’t experienced the winding streets of a historic city. To help you navigate the city, we’ve compiled some useful information so that you will feel safe and confident getting around this fun and friendly city.

The “T”

The MBTA, or the T as it is known locally, is Boston’s most readily available and least expensive form of transportation. By using the map of Boston’s T stations, you can easily make it to any location within Boston.

The TD Garden is located at the North Station stop on the T’s Green and Orange lines. Additionally, each hotel has been noted with its closest T station on the hotels page. When traveling between the hotels and TD Garden, no switching of trains is required. No expensive taxis. No traffic. No walking.

To show guests just how easy the T can be, LOC team members took the T from the Marriott Copley Place to TD Garden.

The T is open 5am and normal service runs until 12:30am.

If you plan on riding the T a lot during the week, their $19 weekly pass might be the choice for you. Otherwise each ride will cost $2.65. Picking up a “Charlie Card” will decrease your fare to $2.10 per ride. Please look at the MBTA pricing options page for specific details.


The Government Center Garage is offering a daily parking rate of $30 to everyone attending the World Championships! Visit the parking page of the website to learn more.


Taxis are a simple transportation option if you’re okay with spending a little more money to get from place to place. By using a taxi instead of taking the T, you gain the convenience of some privacy and door-to-door service, which means no walking from the T station to your final destination. Most of the hotels have taxi stands, where the taxis are outside waiting for you. There is also a taxi stand outside of the TD Garden on Canal Street. Boston taxis also cruise around the city, readily available at any time to take you where you need to go.  Just look for a taxi with the roof light turned on.  It indicates that taxi is available for passengers.


If you enjoy a little exercise, you can always put on a pair of sneakers or sandals and walk between the hotels and TD Garden. Each hotel is about 2 miles from the TD Garden. Depending on your appetite for fitness and the clouds in the sky, this could be a long walk for some. However, Boston’s scenic Copley Square, Public Gardens and Charles Street areas provide the shops and scenery to make the walk enjoyable.

From The Airport

Plane Over BostonThe T also offers service to and from Logan Airport via a free Silver Line bus ride. This ride brings you to South Station on the Red Line, which is just two stops away from Park Street. The Park Street Station is connected to all competition venues on the Green Line. Please reference the MBTA map for a more visual description of how each line is connected throughout the city. It’s all very easy and locals are always willing to answer questions.

Other Options

Like any large city during rush hour, traffic in Boston can sometimes become extremely congested. The best way to avoid traffic and make sure you arrive to the venues on time is to take the T. Because all venues are conveniently connected by public transportation, the local organizing committee will not be offering any alternative transportation options such as a shuttle. There may be other transportation options to spectators in the future. They will be posted as soon as they become available.